Family First


This program is a family-focused intervention and support program offered to children/youth up to 25 years old with developmental disabilities. This program brings behavioral and community service experts into the lives and homes of families, helping them to manage difficult behavior and adding support with expanded involvement from caring family, friends and neighbors as well as other community resources.
Some specific resources include: safety planning to support behavioral stabilization behavioral analysis and effective positive behavior management strategies; environmental interventions at home, school or other settings; parenting and other skills coaching; support in assessing and accessing educational or other needs; and 24/7 on-call support for unplanned service needs.

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Keeping a family together is important for many reasons, such as providing emotional support, security, and stability. When families stay connected and involved in each other’s lives, everyone benefits emotionally and intellectually. Having a close-knit family can help children feel safe, secure, and loved. It can also offer them a sense of belonging and help them develop social skills. On the other hand, when families are broken apart or lack communication with each other members may suffer from feelings of loneliness or disconnection.

In order to keep families together, it’s important to be supportive of one another. This could mean having open conversations about feelings or needs within the family; expressing love and appreciation to each other; offering assistance when needed; making time for quality family time; setting boundaries around values and expectations that everyone in the family agrees upon; taking part in activities that build relationships between family members; and respecting differences among each member of the household. Overall, staying connected to one another helps promote trust, understanding, acceptance, respect – all of which are essential for strong family relationships.