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Join us at Mildrie's Road Foundation in our dedicated effort to support children in need. Your generous donations will provide essential clothing, school supplies, and nutritious food to children who face daily challenges due to poverty and adversity. Each contribution you make lights up a child's life, offering them hope and the opportunity to thrive in their educational journey and daily living. Together, we can ensure that these young souls have the resources they need to grow, learn, and envision a brighter future. Your support creates ripples of positive change, directly impacting the well-being and development of children within our communities. Let's unite to wrap these children in the warmth of our care and the promise of a better tomorrow.


You can send a small donation to help us continue or mission and supply the various resources and supplies to the families we serve

Homeless Family

The money you donate today will forever change the life of a family by assisting the homeless family with housing.


Our scholarship program operation 360 is designed to assist formally incarcerated individuals in need of financial aid. Scholarships will be used to further education and give these men and women an equal Opportunity ​​


At Mildrie’s Road Foundation, we offer a wide range of services aimed at making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and communities. Our comprehensive programs include:

1. Staffing Agency: We connect individuals with job opportunities that align with their skills and interests, empowering them to achieve economic independence.

2. Re-entry Trade Program: We provide support and resources to individuals reintegrating into society after incarceration, helping them build successful careers and lead fulfilling lives.

3. Business Startups: We offer guidance and assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them launch and grow their businesses to contribute positively to the economy.

4. Disaster Relief: We provide aid and support to communities affected by natural disasters, helping them recover and rebuild in times of crisis.

5. Moving Assistance: We assist individuals and families with the logistics of moving, ensuring a smooth transition to new homes and communities.

6. Programs and Paradigmatic Courses: We offer educational programs and courses designed to empower individuals with knowledge and skills that will enhance their personal and professional development.

7. Empowerment Classes: We conduct workshops and seminars aimed at boosting self-confidence, resilience, and personal growth.

8. Housing and Basic Needs Provision: We provide housing assistance and essential resources such as food, clothing, and toiletries to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or financial hardship.

Additionally, we believe in supporting individuals in pursuing their passions and interests outside of work or school. Whether it's participating in sports, art classes, music lessons, or dance programs, we encourage individuals to explore their talents and hobbies. We believe that tapping into one's God-given gifts can lead to personal fulfillment and success in life.

At Mildrie’s Road Foundation, our ultimate goal is to create lasting change and transformation in the lives of those we serve. We are committed to addressing root causes of challenges and providing sustainable solutions that empower individuals to thrive and reach their full potential. Through our holistic approach and unwavering dedication, we aim to positively impact every individual we encounter.

Mildrie's life was marked by extraordinary resilience, unwavering determination, and a deep-seated commitment to helping others. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1916, she grew up in an era defined by segregation and racial discrimination. Despite facing numerous obstacles, Mildrie's thirst for knowledge and her unwavering spirit propelled her forward.
 At just 16 years old, Mildrie defied societal expectations by graduating high school and embarking on a journey to pursue further education and training. She became a registered nurse (RN), dedicating her life to caring for others, particularly veterans at the VA hospital. Her compassion and dedication earned her the respect and admiration of all who knew her.
 In addition to her nursing career, Mildrie was a talented musician, proficient in playing over seven different instruments. She was also an educator at Broadus Elementary, where she left an indelible mark on the lives of countless young minds. Her passion for teaching extended beyond the classroom, as she opened her home to offer reading classes and mentoring sessions to those eager to learn.
 Mildrie's impact extended to the realm of beauty, where she used her skills as a hairstylist to empower and uplift those around her. Her salon became a sanctuary, a place where dreams were realized and spirits were lifted.
 Despite facing personal tragedies, including the loss of her husband, Mildrie remained steadfast in her commitment to her family and community. She opened her doors to those in need, offering love, support, and guidance to all who crossed her path.
 The importance of Mildrie's Road Foundation lies in its mission to carry forward Mildrie's legacy of compassion, service, and support. The organization is dedicated to continuing Mildrie's work of making a positive difference in the lives of others, particularly those facing adversity. Through its programs and initiatives, Mildrie's Road Foundation honors Mildrie's memory and ensures that her spirit of love and generosity continues to shine bright, illuminating the lives of those in need.
Mildrie’s Road Foundation is a prominent non-profit organization that has made a significant impact in the lives of over 500,360 individuals.
Our resources and services have been instrumental in assisting those who have been deeply affected by disasters, poverty, unsustainable re-entry challenges, or unemployment.
Additionally, we are proud to have facilitated housing for over 421 families, providing them with stability and a place to call home.
We are a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing long- or short-term assistance to families who are experiencing hardship due to different reasons such as recidivism, poverty and national disasters We believe that everyone has the right to a better and successful life.
 Here at (MRF), we are committed to enhancing their independence, forming of new positive habits, family structure, education, community involvement, dignity, economic placement and community inclusion, irrespective of background or faith



At Mildrie’s Road Foundation, we are passionately dedicated to nurturing innovation and empowering the next generation. Our mission, deeply rooted in empathy, resilience, and kindness, is to dismantle the barriers of poverty, inequality, and injustice that hinder community progress.

We provide a comprehensive spectrum of services, including secure housing, educational enrichment, and vocational training, all tailored to elevate individuals from adversity. Our initiatives are especially focused on the youth, inspiring them to explore their potential, embrace innovation, and become architects of their future.

Inspired by Mildrie’s extraordinary legacy, our commitment is to leave a transformative impact on every life we touch. We aim to not only offer a lifeline but to kindle the spirit of creativity and self-reliance in young minds, preparing them to navigate and shape a better world.

Embark with us on this transformative journey at Mildrie’s Road, as we forge paths toward a world where fairness, compassion, and innovation flourish, empowering our youth to lead the way.

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Samantha Carpenter

Best day of my families Christmas season this year was that night!!! Thank you again for everything you have done for everyone that just couldn't do it this year ❤❤ God bless you all for everything!!

Edgar Vasquez

Excellent program Foundation for individuals who want a life changing opportunity. I was Looking for programs that offerd not only a Job but a possible Career, this is One! of. few programs out there that truly back up what they offer. I Recommend it to anyone who wants to go from a dead end job to a Career. Truly Life Changing.

Adrieenne Sims

Thank you so much for having a great Christmas event for the children of Las Vegas and we appreciate all of your hard work and efforts during these Covid times. Blessings to all involved. Peace. Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!😷😀

Mariah Hernandez

Mildries foundation is a dream come true they made my two girls Christmas comes to life ..... The event was so nice I could tell each nd everyone was doing the event was there to spread the holiday joy!!! Can't wait to this year !!!

Shan Shan Designation

What a amazing SELFLESS ORGANIZATION! THEIR SECRET SANTA Was awesome.. They surprised me and the kids with some beautiful gifts thank you guys❤

Zuniga Silvia

this foundation is very special to me this christmas was the best christmas thanks to mildries giving them a choice to pick their presents out and take a picture with santa thank you so much

Kween Parker

we were recently homeless and we had a really rough year we were able to get blessed with a house which we are grateful for last year we were in a motel/car so being able to be in a house this year for the holidays is truly a blessing we were starting from scratch with only the cloths on our backs so when they picked us to win a tree we were so happy Dec is usually a tough month for me they were so wonderful and blessed my kids with a xmas tree they even stayed and decorated with the kids and took pics and brought us dinner as well my kids are so excited and now its definitely starting to feel like xmas thank u all 💜💜

Gabby Ramirez

Thank you so much my family was so blessed by the gifts and the love that was shown 💖

Melissa Adams

Thank you so much for your generosity it means so much to me and my daughters thank you for the help happy new year god bless

Shelly Hopfe

Thank you mildries road foundation inc... You guys were a true blessing for me and my kids this christmas..... They loved there presents and so did I....Merry christmas and a happy New year

Nicole Beadles

I just found this organization. And it was even after Christmas, that i reached out to them asking if they are able to help. Amd they did... Im very grateful to them. So i just wanna say to Ms.Martin & her mom.. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH... and they even came and brought the gifts to my home... Which was so awesome. .thank you again

Lyric Swope

I appreciate them so much for coming out on new years eve and making my babies faces light up in excitement thank u so much and God bless and happy New years!!!

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