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It’s Time to Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

Who We Are 

We are a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing long- or short-term assistance to families who are experiencing hardship due to different reasons, including unemployment, domestic abuse, drug abuse, mental health, incarceration, and death of a loved one, and also to those who are obviously passing through overwhelming obstacles at a point in their lives. We believe that everyone has the right to a better and successful life. Here at (MRF), we are committed to enhancing their independence, choice, dignity, and community inclusion, irrespective of background or faith. 

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At Mildrie’s Road Foundation, we actively provide a variety of services, including disaster relief, moving assistance, mentorship-programs, empowerment classes, prison rehabilitation and re-entry services, and the provision of food and clothing. We also support individuals with the passion for hobbies and extracurricular activities, such as football practice, art class, instruments, swimming, and dance. It is important that people tap into their God-given gifts in order to help them achieve something great in life.

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Our focus at Mildrie’s Road Foundation is to make a difference on a larger scale. We do not want to only defuse these challenges, but provide a long lasting solution for them; We want to positively change the lives of each individual we work with.

Our Mission 

Our Mission Is to Eradicate Mass Incarceration and Poverty by exterminating recidivism at its core. To educate and provide people in poverty with equality by providing them with the proper resources, and education for a striving sustainable life and to be of assistance in national disasters.

Mildrie’s Road Foundation is committed to dealing with three major issues:

1. Poverty

2. Mass Incarceration

3. Disaster Relief 

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