Our Work.

What We Do

We are a worldwide ministry in which millions of children reap the benefits of one man’s clear

At Mildrie’s Road Foundation, we offer a wide range of services aimed at making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and communities. Our comprehensive programs include:

1. Staffing Agency: We connect individuals with job opportunities that align with their skills and interests, empowering them to achieve economic independence.

2. Re-entry Trade Program: We provide support and resources to individuals reintegrating into society after incarceration, helping them build successful careers and lead fulfilling lives.

3. Business Startups: We offer guidance and assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them launch and grow their businesses to contribute positively to the economy.

4. Disaster Relief: We provide aid and support to communities affected by natural disasters, helping them recover and rebuild in times of crisis.

5. Moving Assistance: We assist individuals and families with the logistics of moving, ensuring a smooth transition to new homes and communities.

6. Programs and Paradigmatic Courses: We offer educational programs and courses designed to empower individuals with knowledge and skills that will enhance their personal and professional development.

7. Empowerment Classes: We conduct workshops and seminars aimed at boosting self-confidence, resilience, and personal growth.

8. Housing and Basic Needs Provision: We provide housing assistance and essential resources such as food, clothing, and toiletries to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or financial hardship.

Additionally, we believe in supporting individuals in pursuing their passions and interests outside of work or school. Whether it’s participating in sports, art classes, music lessons, or dance programs, we encourage individuals to explore their talents and hobbies. We believe that tapping into one’s God-given gifts can lead to personal fulfillment and success in life.

At Mildrie’s Road Foundation, our ultimate goal is to create lasting change and transformation in the lives of those we serve. We are committed to addressing root causes of challenges and providing sustainable solutions that empower individuals to thrive and reach their full potential. Through our holistic approach and unwavering dedication, we aim to positively impact every individual we encounter.


At Mildrie’s Road Foundation, we are passionately dedicated to nurturing innovation and empowering the next generation. Our mission, deeply rooted in empathy, resilience, and kindness, is to dismantle the barriers of poverty, inequality, and injustice that hinder community progress.

We provide a comprehensive spectrum of services, including secure housing, educational enrichment, and vocational training, all tailored to elevate individuals from adversity. Our initiatives are especially focused on the youth, inspiring them to explore their potential, embrace innovation, and become architects of their future.

Inspired by Mildrie’s extraordinary legacy, our commitment is to leave a transformative impact on every life we touch. We aim to not only offer a lifeline but to kindle the spirit of creativity and self-reliance in young minds, preparing them to navigate and shape a better world.

Embark with us on this transformative journey at Mildrie’s Road, as we forge paths toward a world where fairness, compassion, and innovation flourish, empowering our youth to lead the way.


By investing in children, together, we have the opportunity to create real, long-lasting change for families and communities around the world.

John Edison

Children International President & CEO