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Why You? Well, If Not You, Then Who?

About Our Organization 

Mildrie’s Road Foundation is a global nonprofit organization founded in 2012. We have grown to become a leading NPO in the fight to alleviate poverty and mass incarceration. With a strong team of dedicated professionals, we are focused on making a difference on a large scale in every society on our list.

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We are located in the United States of America with intentions of establishing branches in communities across the world. We work in many local communities across the states of America, providing both long and temporary assistance to individuals and families experiencing challenges and difficulties because of various reasons outside of their power or control.

Mildrie's Road Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization with the ultimate dedication to eradicating or reducing poverty and mass incarceration to its smallest level. We are the link that pairs senior business executives, entrepreneurs, and all-around movers and shakers, with convicted felons.

We also  actively provide disaster relief to communities suffering from disasters. We are of the belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity to excel and thrive in life. So we try our best to make that statement a reality in our target societies.

How to Get Involved 

What we can do as partners is exceedingly important and powerful. We can help create a path from poverty to sustainability, from failure to success. If you partner with us, we can help create a better life for all of those we serve. It is necessary to change the negative outcome destined for most of these individuals who are unable to do anything about their situation. We can create a society that is safe and thriving. We can help change the lives of people who never thought it would be possible to live a sustainable life and thrive in a society dominated by the ‘haves’.

Some may ask themselves, “Why me?”

Well, if not you, then who? Why now? Well, if not now, then when? Change has to happen now, so tomorrow can have a brighter outcome, and tomorrow can be more promising than today. If we work together, we can change a large number of lives positively and bridge the gap between those that can and those that cannot.

We are in need of your assistance with cash donations, supplies and or resources.

For more information and details on how you can get involved and partner with us, contact us at the information provided below:

Mildrie's Road Foundation Inc.

Address: 6303 Owensmouth Avenue, 10th Floor Woodland Hills, California 91367

Email: [email protected]

Call: 661-752-5068

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