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Some May Ask, Why Now? Well, If Not Now, Then When?

And If Not You, Then Who?

Our Programs and Services

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Our program is designed with the strategic use of various tools such as financial support, provision of skill acquisition programs, food and clothing etc. to improve the lives of those struggling to survive.

Our Poverty alleviation program is currently targeting the inner cities of the Antelope Valley. We provide services and resources like hot meals, clothing, and assistance with other resources and education to help fight poverty. Our program aims to improve the quality of the lives of people who are already living in poverty.

Our program, along with its numerous resource provision services help these individuals build a positive mindset and behavior through mentoring and other strategies.

Mass Incarceration

We realized the large number of inmates keep increasing in the United States. According to statistics, the United States’ incarceration rate is the highest globally, with about 2,266,832 inmates from a total population of 310.64 million (730 individuals in every 100,000 people).

Even though there are other countries that commit more inmates to prison annually, the fact that the United States keeps their prisoners longer causes the total rate to become higher. For instance, the average burglary sentence in the United States is 16 months, as opposed to 5 months in Canada and 7 months in England. This makes the incarceration rate extremely high.

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The huge incarceration rates have a higher impact on the economy. Particularly in low-income areas, crime rates are higher as opposed to middle- to high-class areas, social capital is lost when an individual, especially a youth (in most cases) is incarcerated. When people are incarcerated at a younger age, they tend to lose the capacity to invest in themselves, their families, and their communities. Their children and families become susceptible to the financial burden, which prevents them from escaping the low-income communities. This increases the poverty rate, in spite of the steady economic growth in the country.

For these reasons, we established inmate programs to reduce mass incarceration, which consists of a 4-tier work release program, Known as Operation 360.

Our Program promotes innovation. Operation 360 does things that no other Program does and our results will speak for itself. From our detailed client selection process to the real and very competitive business plan competition to the after-release support structure, every part of our program is carefully designed to provide our men and women the skills to be successful upon release from

prison. The drive to empower innovation carries over to our clients. Most clients are accomplishing objectives that they never thought possible. They see a future with transformation, hope restored and families rebuilt. We encourage our men and women to think differently and embrace their inherent creativity and ability to innovateOur signature program engages in a series of Shark Tank-style business plan competitions, judged by fortune 5 professionals, investors and leaders. We transform lives through partnership and collaboration—and not just the lives of our clients and their families but of the executive volunteers too. For business leaders, our purpose is to drive deeper meaning into their lives and inspire them to evaluate how they use their influence, money and time. By providing them with competitive volunteer experiences that engage executives’ core competencies the priorities of their hearts and checkbooks transform as they reframe their views and actions toward people with felonies—America’s most stigmatized and undervalued population. 

Operation 360

This program accommodates inmates/successors who exclusively have a high school diploma or a GED. The successor must also have completed an in-prison work trade, geared toward their exit goal. We require a long-running track record of great behavior. This program will educate inmates with the exit tools to live a sustainable and independent life.

The First Tier

The first tier lasts for 3 months. The program covers the following:

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  • Ethics, morality, standards and values 
  • What Being a Provider Is and How to Become One
  • Time Management

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  • Structural Living Training
  • Relationship Focus
  • Proper Work Etiquette

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  • Paradigm Awarness and Remolding

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Upon completion of these courses, our first-tier graduates who are now the new successors will be presented with a skills certificate for each required course completed. The graduate will be up for early release meanwhile expected to keep up great behavior and will move on to the next tier.

The Second Tier

The successors will now take a training course in disaster relief. They will take up various different trades, including training in water filtering systems and solar panel installation. They will also learn about the requirements, rules, policy, and laws of the 3rd world country the successor will soon visit.

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The Third Tier

This tier lasts for 2 months. The program encompasses the successor’s consciousness and expression of humility by considering and helping the lives of others who appear worse than theirs.

Under this program, the successor will be transferred to third world countries where they will actively help with humanitarian duties such as making and installation of clean water filtering systems and providing other much-needed resources to the people of the severe poverty area

Additionally, they will learn a second trade on duty, and this will include a written course and hands-on training. Upon completion of their courses and duties, a graduation ceremony will be held, where the successor is presented with yet another certificate of completion.

The Fourth Tier

This tier lasts for only three months. Under this program, the successor will be migrated to a disclosed and absolutely beautiful area where they will live for three months. They will be exposed to:

• Business Education

• Opening a New Business

• Money Management

• Credit Management

• The Stock Market/Investing

• Relationship Skills

• Nutrition

• Meditation

• Controlled cost of living

• How to borrow and save money effectively

• A Shark Tank Pitch for Start-Up Business Cost to the Winners

• Other Required Skills for Sustainable Living

 During the four-tier work release program, our team in the United States will ensure the families of the successors are relocated and provided with the tools, resources, and information to give them a chance to succeed and thrive. Our belief is that the successor will be given a fresh start in order to have a higher advantage of not going back to the prison in order not to fall victim of the same condition they just experienced.

The goal of this program is to help the majority of inmates who are excited to be out of the prison, but full of anxiety as to what the world has for them. Exposure to other cultures, people, and places will open up the minds of great people. For most inmates, a fresh start and a new beginning is exactly what is needed to become the best people they can become. They need an accommodation, a job, a business, and other rehabilitation to give their lives a meaning again. Typically, life is difficult for the average person, let alone a person who seems to have no future. We want to exterminate recidivism and truly give these people a chance at a new life.

Mildrie’s Road Foundation is committed to responding swiftly to disaster issues and providing victims with life-saving assistance and supplies. We understand how painful it is to lose a home. The family is left emotionally depressed and hopeless.

For this reason, we ensure victims are provided with medical supplies, shelter, water, sanitation, food, safety, and many other much-needed resources. We believe that providing these basic needs is the first step in helping families recover and heal from these disasters. In addition, we will educate individuals within the affected areas on prevention and preparation measures they can adopt in order to prevent such disaster or its impact from reoccurring.

Mental Health

Coming Soon!!!

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