Rental Property Donation 

We all know that commercial property, houses and land donations are one of the better-known types of charitable property donations in the U.S. However some individuals don't realize, condominium and apartment owners can also enjoy the benefits of property donation and donated apartments, condos, or housing complexes to a great charity, too.

Nearly any type of condo, apartment or housing unit can be donated through MRF.

As the owner of any of these types of properties, you have the option to:

Donate apartment complex

Donate duplexes or triplexes

Donate corporate housing

Donate single apartments

Donate rental homes

Donate condo/single townhouse units

Why Donate An Condo Apartment Or Townhouse

There are many reasons why people choose to donate condo, apartment and housing units; Becoming a  property donor of an apartment complex or similar type of housing makes you a real heartfelt individual. The motivation behind the decision to donate apartment, condo, and rental property is personal, but among them are reasons like:

The desire to give back to see a change in the community and around the world.

The desire to help others meet housing needs (help end poverty and assist with homelessness and doing your part by getting families off the streets!)

Freedom from you holding the burden of maintenance and repair of units/buildings or rising condo fees/association fees

Freedom from the hassle of dealing with tenants

Having the desire to secure tax advantages while giving to others - donate a condo, apartment or other rental property and kick back and enjoy years of tax benefits!

It is also worth knowing that with the right partner (MRF), you can donate apartment, condo, and housing complexes even if the property is still mortgaged, Organizations that will accept mortgaged properties are few and far between, but they do exist that's why we are here and donating to us can be a godsend to those in need of lifting the of  burden of an unwanted property (MRF With Causes is one of the only charities that accept mortgaged apartments and condos for donation).

To donate rental property - Call (661)752-5068 or Complete The Rental Property Donation Form Below